About Us

Our personal commitment on day one in 2000 was to provide absolutely the best customer service and collection results the industry has to offer. Our increasing family of clients over the years has been a result of slow and steady growth never putting aside that same belief which started MDC over 20 years ago. MDC believes that a client-agency relationship is focused on trust and reliability. A clients trust and reliability develops from the moment an account is placed, to the day that it is finally closed. From the immediate acknowledgement of the debt; to the continuous and quick responses to updates, requests, adjustments, etc. from start to finish; for promises that are made and always kept; to timely reporting and remittances; and ultimately…..actions that bring final results!

Our promise to our clients is to handle each and every file placed in our confidence with professionalism, integrity, honesty and a full-out commitment towards the ultimate goal…collecting your money!