Commercial Collections

MDC Recovery Service has a long history of working with commercial accounts. Whether you’re a company that has provided a service or sold a product, we understand the bottom line… need to be paid for the work performed! The majority of unpaid commercial debts are either some form of dispute or a customer cash flow issue. You’ve put your best effort and resources to work to resolve this, but unfortunately without results. This is where going to the next level is so important. The collection agency you choose now becomes an extension of yourself. When your customer receives that first call or written demand from your agency, they know you’ve taken this to the next level and their response will be predicated solely on how they are approached and how your agency intends to represent you. Our collectors are seasoned, professional veterans that understand and truly value the customer-client-agency relationship. The fact that since our beginning in 2000 we have never received a complaint certainly validates that statement. Not something many in our industry can claim. Our approach is as much from a sales perspective as it is from a collections viewpoint. Our job is to “sell” your customer on why they should resolve this debt. Our initial contacts are those of discovery. There needs to be a reason why they have not paid this debt. Is there a dispute, are they having financial issues, whatever the reason we will utilize all our resources to find the answer. Once we are able to get to the root of the issue, the next step is resolution. Should they have a dispute we will work between you and your customer to resolve the issue. Should it be financial, we will work professionally to resolve it in a timely manner. The best part is that this approach, along with our skills, knowledge of collections, and professionalism…GETS RESULTS! While preserving the integrity of ourselves, our clients and our trade, we proudly boast some of the best recovery rates in our industry.