MDC Recovery Services is a national collection agency with over sixty years of combined experience in Senior Management. We are a multi-million dollar organization which has the ability to put its considerable experience, education, expertise, and resources at our client’s disposal.

MDC’s founders came together in 2000 and drew up a very specific plan. As veterans of both the collections and insurance industries, it was agreed that there was a better way to handle the resolution and recovery procedure. If someone took the time to properly train and educate a staff as to the various segments of the collections process and couple it with a professional collections attitude, the collections industry would be a better place. In July 2000 MDC was started and the organization hasn’t looked back since. We now represent multiple companies across the United States, assisting them with their bad debt. Our resolution and recovery results are consistently among the highest in our industry. We have maintained our small agency status, never seeking to be “the big buys on the block”, desiring only to offer an exceptional service for a selective number of clients. You will feel as if you are working with someone right within your organization as we both work towards the one common goal of recovering funds that are rightfully due to you for your services.

If you enjoy meeting and doing business with professional people who are principled, honest, considerate, persistent, dedicated, and results-oriented, then you will like us. We will treat you, as we would like to be treated.