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Terms of Use for Placing an Account:


This agreement is made between MDC Recovery Service, Inc., herein referred to as the “Agency” and the placing party, herein referred to as the “Client” according to the following terms:


The “Agency” agrees to acknowledge all placements within 5 business days.

The “Agency” shall conduct recovery efforts consisting of standard debtor notification letters followed up by direct phone contact.  The purpose of which is solely to recover the receivable for the “Client”.  The “Agency” shall have the authority to collect and endorse for deposit and in the name of and on behalf of the “Client”.  The “Agency” shall maintain an individual and comprehensive record of all financial dealings and contacts for each placement.

The “Client” agrees to immediately notify the “Agency” of all payments made directly to the “Client” on said placed account.

All recovery services shall be provided on a contingent fee basis.

The power to settle any placement rests solely on the “Client”.  Before the “Agency” settles the placement for any balance less than the placed amount plus fees, the “Agency” shall request permission from the “Client” who will respond in writing specifying the terms of same settlement.

The “Agency” agrees, only by written acknowledgement, to forward any placement to another third party for litigation.

The “Agency” understands and agrees that all information provided to the “Agency” by the “Client” pertaining to its placements shall be kept confidential and the “Agency” shall conduct business at all times so as to shelter the confidentiality of all obtained information and the privacy of debtors.

By submitting this placement I Agree to the above terms

    MDC Consumer Placement Form

    I am authorizing M.D.C. Recovery Services, Inc to proceed with collection activity against the debtor stated below. It is understood that all payments received after the proceed date will be subject to fees due M.D.C. Recovery Services, Inc.


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