Why our partners choose us

Experience: With over 60 combined years of insurance and commercial collection expertise MDC works toward the recovery and resolution of every invoice, audit, earned premium, claim deductible, or any other balance due. At M.D.C. we believe an educated customer is your best customer. Our job is not only to collect funds, but also to educate the debtor as to why the balance is due, in a clear and concise manner. After all, you may want them back again as a future customer. When it comes to insurance collections, many business people today do not take the time to read and understand how their premium is calculated or the audit process. That’s where M.D.C. comes in, explaining the balance in full detail and working towards the natural end result, resolution and recovery!

Professionalism: Realizing that your reputation in the industry is as important as ours, M.D.C. goes to great lengths to resolve differences in a professional manner, without “beating up” the insured. In over 14 years of business, we have never had a complaint filed against us with the Better Business Bureau, proudly claiming an A+ rating. Undoubtedly, not something very many in our industry can claim. Our recovery services can proceed with either written notification, or immediate personal contact. In either event, our expertise leads to quicker recovery and resolution. We have the ability to identify and resolve disputes upon first contact with the insured. If an account is disputed, we will obtain the necessary documentation to determine if the dispute is indeed valid. Upon receipt of this documentation, we will forward it along to you for proper review and/or adjustment of the balance. Should the balance be adjusted, we will take credit, but never a fee. We realize that this is part of the process, and take pride in knowing that we helped reduce your reserves due to bad debt write-off, thereby strengthening our working relationship.