Insurance is our specialty. The insurance industry is a multifaceted area requiring in-depth knowledge of many aspects such as deductible billings, the audit process, earned premium billings, surety bond claims and premiums, agent commissions, subrogation, overpayments to individuals and medical providers, etc. In order to effectively pursue these debts one must have the ability to discuss and resolve all aspects of the insurance industry…..MDC’s staff has those skills. The #1 resolution factor of insurance collections is education! Many insurance debts go unpaid due to the lack of insurance knowledge by the insured. We are able to discuss the claims process and why a deductible is owed, discuss in detail the audit process and why new balances are due, converse about grace periods, pro-rata and short rate cancellations, etc., all to show the insured why the balance is due. We work with insured’s, CPA’s, retail agents, brokers, etc., on a daily basis effectively educating debtors and resolving accounts. You’ve put your best effort and resources to work to resolve the balance due, but without results. This is where going to the next level is so important. The collection agency you choose now becomes an extension of yourself. When your customer receives that first call or written demand from your agency, they know you’ve taken this to the next level and their response will be predicated solely on how they are approached and how your agency intends to represent you. Our collectors are seasoned, professional veterans that understand, and truly value, the customer-client-agency relationship. The fact that in over 13 years of doing business we have never received a complaint certainly validates that statement. Not something many in our industry can claim. We understand that in the insurance industry you may want this insured back again someday and our professionalism may be a factor. We have insurance clients that we have partnered with for as long as our inception. Knowing that insurance companies are regularly contacted by other collection agencies with their promises, our relationships stand the test of time. We offer superior customer service with superior results. We understand that everyone in our industry starts off equal. We’re simply rooms full of desks, computers and telephones. What separates us from each other is the people behind them! With our skills, knowledge of insurance collections, and professionalism…WE GET RESULTS! While preserving the integrity of ourselves, our clients and our trade, we proudly boast some of the best recovery rates in our industry.